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In the shoes of… Sylvaine, Marketing & Communication Senior Director

Arrived at BIOCORP in last January, Sylvaine is in charge of marketing and communication: coporate, products, financial com, internal com, press relations, social networks … She especially appreciates the diversity of tasks in her job since no day is like another.

Her role in the company lies on the following 3 axes:
– Relational: it is the very basis of the communicating function. “If you don’t show any curiosity for people and do not have the desire to exchange, better change jobs!” Listening to human, market and trends seems to be one of the keys of this job…
– Structure: understand, study, analyze, build a strategy or a plan of action and synthesize are the bases of the profession and this can not be done without a minimum of rigor and organization. “We still often hear that communication is not a job because it’s like having fun and everyone would be able to do it… I enjoy joking with my colleagues pretending to colour, cut / glue or do playdough according to the days of the week! ”
– Autonomy: it has only been 3 months since she joined BIOCORP and there is a lot to do! She recognizes her chance to have the confidence of the team, and her experience allows her to advance independently.

Her main professional challenge lies in the fact of always having to question herself, in order to progress and not to remain fixed in its certainties or beliefs despite the comfort. She hates immobility and people who are so sure of themselves that they are sclerotic in their function, so she does everything to avoid that! She would advise a young employee to dare while remaining humble, to consider that nothing is never perfectly mastered and that there is always room for improvement, while learning to trust each other. And above all, to interact with the team.

She does not hesitate when asked if she has a mantra: “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”. No matter the trials, personal or professional, the point is to keep only the positive.

If she had the opportunity, she would like to meet Mathieu Ricard. This doctor in cellular genetics who became a Buddhist monk in a Tibetan monastery is also the official French interpreter of the Dalai Lama. She would be curious to understand his radical change of trajectory, his choice to branch off to spirituality and this lifestyle apart. It emanates a great wisdom of this man and a real serenity, to the extent of her photographs sublimating nature and its riches …