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In the shoes of… Abdessamad, Mobile App Developer

While he concedes that he is pulled out of bed by his alarm clock in the morning, just listen to Abdessamad talking about his job to understand that he is a true passionate about technology. He also admits that he can’t help but research and take notice of any new resonance in the Geeks’ world… And he assumes this geek label! His curiosity about technos is very important in his job because being interested in news and various developments in language and coding leads any developer to perfect his weapons and build skills. Abdessamad is currently working on the iOS app for Mallya, a project that requires the support of various profiles with complementary skills. That’s why rigor and interaction are two fundamental components of his daily job. Like any team work, unthinkable to work all alone: consultation is required, and we must take into account the constraints in place to follow and comply with the rules of coding. That’s why Abdessamad advises young recruits to be interested, to be curious, and not to stay in one’s corner …

The continual evolution of computer languages ​​and the constant innovation of technologies are strong drivers in his desire to go further and progress. Abdessamad emphasizes the fact that he enjoys building a solution from scratch, with the satisfaction of a final rendering. It is highly rewarding, even if in the meantime he admits sometimes experiencing phases of discouragement when he stumbles on some issues. He knows, however, that he always ends up finding a solution… This finally illuminates his motto, certainly unearthed as a joke, but ultimately perfect and speaking to the greatest number: “Hakuna matata! “: duly noted!