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In the shoes of… Adrien, IT Developer

“When we want, we can”: the motto poses the character. And personality, that’s not what Adrien misses! He puts his energy at the service of the team. Responsiveness is a strong element of the qualities required in his job, and we can count on it to meet urgent needs and requests that may occur in the field of equipment in the broad sense. Since the installation of BIOCORP in its new premises in early March, it must be said that Adrien had to abandon his first task as a IT developer in order to focus on the network infrastructure needs of the company. He also has a good relationship and attentive listening, which allows him to hear and analyze the needs of the team so as to find the best solution. Another key aspect of its mission is the technological watch since it is essential to be constantly informed of what is happening on the market, to know the latest techno, the evolution of coding elements …

His job as a developer leads him to work regularly on innovative projects such as the iOS app for Mallya. This is a constant challenge, especially when the project is in the exploratory phase. Adrien likes discovering new things, learning every day and making steady progress. The various stages of progress of a project lead logically to gain confidence in its technological choices.

It’s been 1.5 years since Adrien joined the BIOCORP team and he really appreciates the good atmosphere that prevails in the offices. That’s why, to a new employee that would join the team, he would give a simple advice: “do yourself a favor and do everything to be part of the team. The rest will come naturally because, being integrated, we get help and the work is done serenely “.

He also applies his motto to his sporting approach. When moving to the new premises in Cournon d’Auvergne, Adrien set a goal of coming to work some days by bike, covering a distance of 25 km A / R. And, we checked, his bike has no electric assistance: Adrien moves on thanks to his desire to move forward!