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In the shoes of… Gaël, R&D Trainee

When Gaël chose to do his end-of-studies internship at BIOCORP, he didn’t really know what to expect. In any case, he was far from suspecting that he was going to find such a collaborative spirit and that his mission would have a real importance in the achievement of the Mallya project. Indeed, two months after arriving, he says that the team assists him in his mission, as well as he tries to achieve his job, which gives him a lot of satisfaction.

Gaël works on magnetometer signal processing and the application of classification algorithms. Impossible to give further details without touching the confidential aspects of the project…

According to him, the 3 strengths of his role in the company are:

Complementarity: Gaël brings a fresh look and new skills to the team and he is fed with his colleagues’ expertise. Mutual assistance is omnipresent and greatly contributes to the progress of the project.

It is often said that curiosity is a bad thing, but it’s not true as part of an internship because it is imperative to get out of his cocoon to discover new ways of working and ways of advancing different. Going out of his comfort zone could be a real challenge for Gaël, but it’s doing pretty well in the end!

Finally, Gaël quickly understood that a key of the professional environment lies in taking initiative: everyone has to play his part, it’s just a question of measure … This combination of autonomy and guidelines makes the interest of this specific professional experience.

The Cartesian spirit of Gael is summarized in this sentence, which was said by one of his professors in scientific prep: “Considering a complicated problem, see a succession of simple problems”. He explains that we must put things into perspective, step back to analyze and treat problems one after the other.

Despite being a trained scientist, Gaël is also an artist at heart. He would like to meet the artistic director Mark E Miller, who has had the courage to make his own choices and succeeds today in living with his passions, namely photography and video, in sharing his slices of life and his travels on YouTube. The living proof that one can live fully and happily by being oneself, but you have to dare taking risks…