In the shoes of… Marin, Embedded Electronics Engineer Student on work experience program

Marin is one of those people whose face light up when they talk about their job. Deeply found of electronics, he says that he gets big satisfaction with his block release training within BIOCORP. Designing an electronic card’s architecture, making diagrams, carrying out the routing and assembling everything: here is his daily engine. The rhythm dictated by the first year at the Ecoles des Mines of Saint Etienne, namely the sequence of a month of courses and a month at BIOCORP, requires agility: it is necessary to always hang up the cars after a month of absence during which the team continued to go on, and thus to get back to level. Fortunately, his manager has figured it out and doesn’t hesitate to brief Marin in detail on each of his returns.

He is working on conceiving devices to reliably perform controls on connected devices and data feedback. He also performs quality checks on the on-board electronics. His main professional challenge is to assimilate the significant amount of information that is part of his professional learning, so as to capitalize on this accumulation and know how to reuse it in a timely manner.

Marin is curious about what’s new in electronics. He often watches web tutorials, a real mine for this inquisitive guy. The 3 words he chooses to describe his role at BIOCORP are indicative of his pragmatic and voluntary character:

Support: BIOCORP is a small structure that is quickly growing, and some very time-consuming situations can be entrusted to Marin, who does it all the more willingly that it allows him to both learn and feel useful within the team.

Future: The transmission of knowledge, which is the basis of the block release training, participates in the construction of the future of the company, the anticipation of its growth and the perpetuation of the know-how.

New: Marin is fortunate to benefit from a very important technology watch at the Ecole des Mines, which allows him to bring a different vision, new ideas, to open the spectrum within the team.

According to Marin, motivation is a key to professional success, as it makes it possible to overcome the lack of some skills since everyone knows how to give themselves the means to achieve their goals when truly motivated. Thought thus summed up by an African proverb saying “The one who runs to eat runs faster than the one who runs to lose weight”.

Marin would like to have a chat with actor Jim Carey, who took a long step back from celebrity and think about happiness by saying that if everyone could become rich and famous, everyone would realize that it wasn’t the solution to everything. Indeed, if one is not in phase with oneself, happiness can’t come to oneself … What if Marin was an old sage in a body of young adult?