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In the shoes of… Jérôme, Embedded Software Engineer

Jérôme is currently working on finalizing the latest version of Mallya. Within the R & D team, he works on embedded software, and more specifically on the search for mechanisms able to fulfill all the required functionalities and the analysis of requirements via tests in order to define convincing solutions.


Jerome’s main challenge is to find the right mix between efficiency and rigor in his project. Ergonomics and battery life are therefore important components of product design, with the aim of optimizing the using experience for the patient. Jérôme draws on best practices from previous experiences to instill new ways of working and moving forward in project mode.


Technical rigor is an essential part of his job. Jérôme says that architecture is the second pillar of his mission within BIOCORP since some material constraints impose the definition of the perimeter of the project: he must consider the available resources to build the most efficient solution ever. And the technical constraints are numerous as the simple concept of embedded computing restricts the field of possibilities. Finally, anticipation is essential to succeed in globalizing the initial vision and to overcome all constraints.


Jerome wants to keep aware of best practices and advances in his field to always be in a position to anticipate, so he practices a daily watch. Perfectionist, he is committed to working on several implementations before choosing the most relevant for the project under study. He also gives great importance to collaborative work and wants to enrich the project with the various exchanges he can have within the team, especially regarding the choice of processes.


To a young employee, Jerome advises to learn, ask questions, learn about best practices and especially not to be afraid to be in search of quality. Because quality is definitely not a swear word, it has to be said!


Finally, if he had the opportunity, he would like to discuss with Donald Ervin Knuth, a famous computer scientist and mathematician pioneer of algorithmic and author of reference encyclopedias on algorithmic and discrete mathematics. Volume 4 is being written, and Jerome already forecasts some intense reading ranges …