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In the shoes of… Alain, Innovation & Platform Development VP

It has been five years since Alain manages the connected objects R&D department. Or let’s rather say that he animates the service, since he is a team leader: never short of ideas, he makes a point of honor to give life to the most ambitious projects and to motivate his team encouraging them to excel every day.

Not surprising then that he mentions cohesion, motivation and creativity to define his role within the company. While he emphasizes that his primary role is to think about new things, to suggest new products or uses, he insists on the importance of teamwork and counts on the emulation caused by the concrete implementation of a new project. It seems important to him to find challenges to motivate his team and to favor an atmosphere and a framework for well-being. He thus privileges the moments of exchanges between collaborators, even if he sometimes has to deal with some reserved temperaments, and explains that the essential link to the cohesion is built by the dialogue.

Naturally benevolent, he strives to explain to young recruits that skills are just as important as know-how, if not more to the extent that it is not improved as easily. It is indeed easier to improve one’s technique than to adapt one’s behavior in a professional environment whose keys are adaptation, listening and involvement.

The challenge is certainly one of the key words of his professional world. He readily admits that his engine lies in endangering in the sense that he likes to be confronted with new situations for which he will have to think and think in order to find an adequate solution. He recognizes that he flourishes in this constant exercise of questioning and necessary adaptation, and fears above all the routine that seems to be his worst enemy. He is not short of examples to illustrate his point… Alain has the soul of a builder: he likes to start from nothing, design and build.

He naturally appreciates the freedom he enjoys in his work, the opportunity he has to exceed the framework and the responsibilities entrusted to him both in the managerial and strategic fields.

To conclude, no wonder that he would choose, if given the opportunity, to share a dinner with the explorer Mike Horn, whom he confesses to admire because “nothing stops him, he has an excellent mindset and dare do new things “.