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In the shoes of … Matthieu, Business Developer Assistant

Matthieu joined the BIOCORP team at the end of his studies at SKEMA-Lille, 10 months ago. He works on the “connected products” part and his role is to seek new business partners, beyond the traditional partners that are pharmaceutical companies, to position on new therapeutic areas.

The 3 words retained by Matthieu to define his role at BIOCORP are the contact, the image and the ideas. Indeed, the relationship is essential in his work, and the contact is generally initiated visually, hence the importance of first impression left to an interlocutor, as well as the speaking quality, empathy and persuasion. He also stresses the importance of bringing new ideas and the virtues of questioning when viewed constructively. Matthieu is indeed a guy who asks himself many questions daily to question himself, improve his work and acquire skills.

According to him, “who does not try anything has nothing” and he plans, why not, to start his own business in a few years. But for now, he admits he appreciates the autonomy he enjoys in his daily mission and the high degree of consultation that is the law in the team.

Matthieu is curious about people and things. Every morning, he admits that when he wakes up, he is delighted that a new day awaits him and knows that it will be interesting, both professionally and personally. In his private life, he rarely plans things because he appreciates the fact that unforeseen events occur and surprise him, usually in a pleasant way.

Finally, if he could share a meal based on junk food, his own sin, with the personality of his choice, he would opt for Joaquin Phoenix. They could talk about the bold choice of the actor in 2010 to withdraw from the Hollywood business by declaring he wanted to devote himself exclusively to music for 2 years: this hoax allowed him to shoot with Casey Affleck a documentary film (“I’m still there “”) pointing to some existing maneuvers in the Hollywood system.