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In the shoes of… Lionel, Senior Director Software Engineering

Within the R & D department, Lionel is responsible for IT developments of the products on which BIOCORP works. Its role is to research, design and propose solutions to meet the client’s needs. For that, he is assisted by a team he has to manage, which he does in an advisory mode. Indeed, Lionel is very attentive to each of his collaborators and he tries to avoid generating frustration. Explanation: his colleagues often want to test new technologies but, at the fast pace that everything evolves in this area, it is essential to assess positively the risk incurred by switching to a new technology that hasn’t proved anything yet. Arbitration has to be made between an innovative and promising techno and an older but efficient one. Lionel tries to stay tuned while framing his team. In the same way, he strives to help them take a step back and broaden the framework in order to achieve the objectives with a reasonable investment. Lionel relies on the very sharp knowledge of each one and brings a more global knowledge and a necessary perspective to any project management. And the method is proven, favored by the great benevolence of Lionel.

He especially appreciates autonomy he has in his work within a firm that he describes as very human, as well as the total absence of routine thanks to very varied tasks and items. Analysis and synthesis are in a way his core business since he strives to synthesize problems in order to circumscribe them so as to design a solution.

His main advice to a young employee would be to take care of the communication aspects in the broad sense, whether in exchanges between colleagues or reporting on a project: if we communicate easily, we understand each other and we find solutions.

And when he’s not in the office, you might meet Lionel on a motorcycle on a country road …