BIOCORP participates in RDD in Lisbon

BIOCORP exhibits its connected device, Inspair, during RDD in Lisbon

Respiratory Drug Delivery summit is one of the largest and most focused international conference of its kind, featuring in-depth presentations and discussion of pioneering respiratory drug delivery science.

Hosted on the booth of its partner, LINDAL GROUP(1), BIOCORP exhibits its connected device: Inspair. This smart sensor, converting inhalers into connected devices, helps patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).

Inspair brings an innovative and effective response to the needs of these two pathologies: it acts directly on the treatment compliance and strengthens the connection between the patient and the medical staff, providing a real-time therapeutic follow-up. This smart sensor converts any pressurized metered dose inhaler into a connected device. Inspair records data related to daily inhalations, ensures the right preparation of the canister, assesses the coordination of actuation with inhalation and provides a useful guidance throughout different steps, mastering the inhalation technique.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Arnaud Guillet, Business Development Director, will animate a workshop dealing with “Using connected compliance monitoring solutions in the context of clinical trials for new respiratory medicines “. This session will feature a presentation of BIOCORP’s technical solution with a live demonstration and introduce real-life cases.