Easy to use needle insertor

Sween, the needle inserter that helps you in your daily injections

Sween assists the patient in inserting the needle into the skin to the correct depth prior to injection and reduces the fear related to injection process.

This device provides real assistance in the administration of medication as well as being easy to hold and making no change to the pen’s use itself.

This device helps improve treatment and increase patients’ confidence in the management of their disease.

Sween can be used in different therapeutic

areas such as:

  • Diabetes: especially new diabetes patients who start insulin therapy,
  • Growth disorders: children requiring growth hormone treatment
  • Fertility disorders: women involved in a medically assisted procreation process
  • Osteoporosis: men and women who need to take injectable medication for osteoporosis

Sween is consequently compatible with different disposable and reusable injection pens, including:

  • Novo Nordisk: FlexPen, FlexTouch, Ozempic 1mg, Novopens, FlexPro 30mg, Nordiflex 30 mg
  • Eli Lilly: Kwikpen and Humapen Savvio
  • Sanofi: Solostar, Toujeo Max and Alistar Pro
  • Merck: Gonal-F, l’Ovitrelle, Pergoveris and Aluetta
  • Ferring: Rekovelle


Using Sween, the act of self-injection of medicines by patients using injection pens is easier, more serene and safer.

Sween is being developed as a class I medical device, under Medical Device Regulation 2017/745.