Turn your pen injector into a smart device!

Mallya, the smart cap for pen injectors. 

Mallya automatically captures injection data (dose, date and time) and sends the information in real time to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology. Mallya is the only device available in its category to be labeled CE medical device, class IIb.


  • Removable and reusable for 2 years 
  • Compatible with all disposable pen injectors
  • Seamless for patients: same usage, same dialing, same injection process
  • Automatic collection of selected doses with very high accuracy
  • Real time data transfer thanks to Bluetooth technology  
  • Track records of each injection: dose delivered, insulin type, time and date
  • Audio and visual signals to guide patients during injection process
  • Highly customizable: color, additional functionalities available 
  • Effortless innovative pairing system with smartphone 
  • High interoperability with existing platforms and digital solutions 


Pharmapack Award 2016
Frost & Sullivan 2016
CPhI Award 2017

Product under development, not yet available on the market.