Thanks to Inspair, breathe effectively!

Inspair, smart cap to monitor inhalers’ use and improve quality of delivery.

Inspair automatically captures each actuation of the inhaler and assesses the usage of the device: right actuation time, optimal hand-breath coordination, proper respiratory air flow. The data are transferred in real time to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology. 


  • Removable and reusable for 2 years 
  • Compatible with pMDIs and adaptable for several type of inhalers or respiratory devices
  • Captures each actuation of the inhaler together with time and date
  • Assess proper use of the inhaler: actuation time, hand-breath coordination, indicator of respiratory air flow
  • Real time data transfer to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology  
  • Treatment history and quality of delivery assessment 
  • Audio and visual signals to support the patient during inhalation process
  • Potential applications : remote clinical trials monitoring, training device for onboarding period, commercial launch


E-health award 2017

Product under development, not yet available on the market.