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Datapen, Bluetooth enabled motor driven pen injector.

Datapen is a smart pen injector, compatible with standard cartridges and adaptable to dual chamber cartridges. It is designed to ease treatment delivery and monitoring thanks to its smart features: electromechanical injection, embedded Bluetooth set.  


  • Controlled buttons and screen for optimal dialing and dosage 
  • Electromechanical injection for more comfort and precision delivery
  • Compatible with standard cartridges 
  • Adaptable for dual chamber cartridges, ability to perform in pen reconstitution
  • Audio and visual signals to support the patient during injection process
  • Real time data transfer to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology 
  • Highly customizable: shape, primary container, injection force and speed


Pharmapack Award 2015

Product under development, not yet available on the market.