Inject by yourself a biological treatment.

Onejet, Bluetooth enabled motor driven auto-injector designed to deliver high viscosity products.

Onejet is the first motor driven disposable autoinjector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2,25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products. The solution offers embedded connectivity features and is very cost effective.


  • Supplied device assembled and ready for use for the patient
  • Compatible with standard primary containers: PFS from 1ml to 2,25ml
  • Designed to deliver high viscosity products, up to 150 centipoises
  • Injection speed and force can be calibrated based on product viscosity and siliconization level of prefilled syringes
  • Skin sensor to automatically trigger needled insertion
  • Needle permanently hidden before, during and after injection 
  • Passive safety system to prevent needlestick injuries 
  • Audio and visual signals to support the patient during injection process
  • Real time data transfer to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology 
  • Treatment history and reminders available on companion mobile application
  • Effortless innovative pairing system with smartphone 


Pharmapack Award 2018

Product under development, not yet available on the market.