Connected medical devices

Smart pen injector
Smart sensor for pen injectors
Smart sensor for inhalers

Smart drug delivery systems are connected medical devices designed to meet patients’ evolving needs and healthcare providers’ new requirements for efficient, connected and user-friendly health solutions:

Our experienced engineers offer electronics, mechanical, software and firmware expertise to handle the challenges of designing and developing connected medical devices :

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Smart pen injector

Datapen is a smart reusable injector pen adapted to chronic disease treatments and connected to a mobile app

The solution records each dose injected, with specific time and date, and send the information back to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology

Compatible with regular prefilled cartridges, it guarantees a safe and comfortable injection and helps patients manage their treatment

Issues / Challenges Solution

The impact of chronic diseases 

  • 125 000 death per year
  • A financial burden of 100-300 billions dollars per year

Main challenges

  • Poor treatment adherence
  • Lack of monitoring from HCPs
  • No real life data available

DATAPEN is designed to enhance treatment efficacy

  • High degree of accuracy
  • Comfortable solution: a slight push is enough to inject the product
  • Monitoritng tools, reminders and analytics
  • Compliance with the highest standards of health data encryption

DATAPEN – a secure and effective solution for patient

  • Connected to mobile apps via Bluetooth
  • User-friendly interface ensures safe dose selection
  • Electro-mechanical injection system eases biologics delivery
  • Visual signal notifies the end of the injection
  • Access to accurate treatment data
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Data sharing with healthcare professionals


Smart sensor for pen injectors

Easylog is a compact add-on module designed to fit pen injectors.

Smart sensors collect injection data directly from disposable or reusable pens and send information back to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

This innovative solution offers new possibilities for treatment management and monitoring. A dedicated mobile app provides digital tools to enhance patient experience.

Issues / Challenges Solution

Suboptimal efficiency of biologic therapies

  • Poor adherence
  • Unmet therapeutic goals
  • Waste of expensive biologics

Challenges of biologic therapies

  • Self-administration
  • Comply with injection plan & medical recommendation
  • Lack of data on biologics consumption

EasyLog provides accurate data on every injection

  • Automatic tracking system
  • Record doses injected, date and time
  • Provide digital tools to monitor long term treatment
  • Bring connectivity to traditional pen injector
  • Modular mounting system for wider compatibility
  • Specific adjustment on demand


  • Fits pen injectors
  • Dose selection and injection as usual
  • No additional steps for patients
  • Automatic data encryption and storage
  • Removable & reusable
Smart sensor


Smart sensors for inhalers

Inspair is a compact add-on module designed to fit inhalers.

Smart sensors collect unique inhalation data and connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

This innovative solution offers new possibilities for the correct use of inhalers and offers digital tools to ease disease and medication management.

Issues / Challenges Solution

Asthma & COPD are public health burden

  • 235 millions people are suffering from asthma
  • 300 million people are concerned by COPD
  • Respiratory diseases require long term treatments

Challenges of Asthma & COPD therapies

  • Incorrect inhalation techniques
  • Poor treatment adherence
  • Lack of data on medication consumption

INSPAIR records and assesses the use of PMDIs

  • Track hand-breath coordination & inhalation speed
  • Track daily doses : inhalations date, hour and frequency
  • Periodic asthma control assessment
  • Provide digital tools to monitor long term treatment
  • Bring connectivity to traditional inhalers
  • Wide compatibility with pMDIs
  • Specific adjustments on demand

INSPAIR supports patients all along the inhalation process

  • Fits pMDI without interfering with spray diffusion
  • Keeps track of every inhalations
  • Inhalation guidance with visual and audio signals
  • Automatic data encryption and storage
  • Provides active feedback on inhalations use & misuse
  • Removable & reusable